The GodBrother Blessings EP

by Zagnif Nori & The GodBrother



Zagnif Nori "The GodBrother Blessings" EP Fully Produced by The GodBrother. Zagnif shows maturity on this EP with a provided backdrop from "The GodBrother".


released June 30, 2017

Full Produced by: The GodBrother

Executive Producers: Zagnif Nori & The GodBrother
Mixed & Mastered by: Crucial The Guillotine
Artwork & Design: Bourvil

Noble Scity Music 2017



all rights reserved


Noble Scity New York, New York

Noble Scity consists of Crucial The Guillotine, Danamic, Illy Vas, Kaotny, & Zagnif Nori. A sound consisting of hardcore hard hitting beats and raw crafted lyrics create the landscape for this group.

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Track Name: Daybreak
[Verse 1]
Say good morning, awoke early stretching and yawning
Graceful warming; I spoke, earning blessings; I'm on it
Play recordings, the dope murder sessions we forming
Day is calling; I broke early; presence is dawning
Cleanse the face; fresh cut; beard thickened as a gem
Coconut oil glisten on the skin
Give my son a hug, then it's all kisses to the wiz
'Lo garments on my frame; it's all written on the trim

Then I'm out the door

[Verse 2]
Shining opulence; designer shopping, kid; wally moccasins
To match; sweaters designed with pocket knits; highly prominent
Crime metropolis; laser beam eye, climb on top of this
Flying saucer dipped; divinely optimist
You wish you could shine and copy this
You like them rich faggots worshiping a shrine of obelisks
Behind the closet frisk; mastermind the populous
Lies anonymous; keep it over there, don't try to profit this
Fly monogamous; my Queen fitted in the robe of Nefertiti
Blessed, but wondering if the globe will ever see me
Nonchalantly let the paper grow; smooth bravado
On it promptly; dressed in Savior clothes, students follow
Elohim guided light
Tabernacle jewel emeralds; no mystery when the mind is right

Get it right

[Verse 3]
I make hardcore rap music, fucking with thieves
But catch me in the whip, red light, bumping Jaheim
Blade in reach; one kept under the tongue
Saviors speak; one flesh cometh in blood
Ugh, Salim Martyr on the right hand
Fiends targeted with priced grams; the market is a tight jam
Light panned, the strike ignites grand
Life planned; ice band harboring the wife's hand
Marriage proposals; karats of gold sooth
Merits are noble; preparing the soul food
Baked macaroni and cheese; fried chicken wings
The mind quick at ease, shine vividly
We align rich indeed
Shine vividly
We align rich indeed
Shine vividly

Yeah, yeah
Noble Scity, man
The GodBrother Blessings
Fly Garment Brothers
Kings Amongst Kings
Track Name: Left Know Right
[Verse 1]
Golden martyr imprints, flow is hard and intense
No facade, older Gods know it's raw and vintage
No tomorrow, open scars; broken laws with vengeance
My soldiers spar, going off; throwing bombs from trenches
Been gritty, hella tense
Utica is grim, Sin City eloquence
My men script intelligence
Brutal with the pen; been flipping elements
I don't fuck with all this trap shit
But still slap the fuck out you backpack kids
Thinking that you hip-hop to the core
But you flip flop when shits hot and don't give props anymore
Never write a sentence with the frauds
In a dark room scripting in the presence of the Gods
Lessons are as sharp, knowledge the best within the part
Stressing over records, never wrestle with the thought
Flow is liver, leave no survivors when vocals rocking
Culture shocking, Noble bombers with the Ally soldiers mobbing
I'm just trying to make a gross that's modest
You out here shining with some stolen products
Just know it's ours

What? Yeah, you know its ours
Ugh, yeah, we fold them cowards
What? The flow empowered
Debonair, Fly Sweater Gang; Noble prowess
What? You know it's ours
Ugh, yeah, we fold them cowards
The flow empowered
Debonair, Fly Sweater Gang; Noble prowess

[Verse 2]
Heavy handed, I left him branded, then sent him packing
Open hand, broke your man, left his presence crashing
You can ask a couple dudes about my hands and feet
Touching their face; man and beast, handle fleets
Claim lives in this rap shit just to send a message
None of y'all are fucking with me in these trenches flexing
Coward lack substance; they're all vaginal, son
Fuck a cop, fuck his badge and his gun
What? The illest fluent flow, masked musical
Raps suitable, we stack numerals in mass funerals
Swing axe brutal blow, attack; ruining souls, the golden gritty
Tracks beautiful with Noble Scity

Track Name: God Sponsors (w/ The GodBrother)
[The GodBrother]
The devil is the people trying to fight em, its inside them
Yo, bear witness to the good, its who your enemy wants to recruit
The real war is within, I'll do you all in
Neutral regards, pedicure, chilling barefoot
Manicure, flipping through a handbook, poetry's canned goods
Chilling and ruined the mood, told the room I'd kill them
Truth is chilling, if its meant
No reviewing decisions, either year round wool or linen with suspenders
Adept at all trades considered
My after second eye is the single eyed jack of the deck
Born a spade in that black suit Spider man couldn't handle
Laughter breaks the trance state
Ayo, it's Oil Well Ib, I'm who you plug trusts
Love from his mother, meeting up at his grandmother's for supper
Prizes sent to me, whether death or penitentiary
His wife and seeds are fine, my steeze is polygamy
If it adds or subtracts, can't be null and void
To add to that, half the stash came from rolled coins
Universal balance, overdue credit
Original Man coded in a book, Caucasian author
Truth resonates, giving my wife faith
Could keep a house lit with power lines full of enlightenment
The lost go to vices to have a better outlook on life, vampire energy

[Zagnif Nori]
Always keep a gem star razor tucked
Under the tongue, get your skin scarred playing tough
We been raw; aiming up
Substance is brung, my kin start flaming ducks
Listen and check it; if a pig isn't sentenced
For hitting my brethren, I give the directive to hit a detective
Live with my weapon and grip it with tension
Vivid aggression, stone cold feeling the pressure
Cylinder stretching, boss like; revealing the message
Killing is senseless unless the hand is forced shield in the trenches
We ravenous wolves
Fabulous robes; handsomely clothes, crafted in gold
Your empire falls when the catalyst folds
Burn American flags and let my savages roam
Reactors explode; anarchy, tragedy's on
Distracted our the masses from a catfish on a scandalous throne
Track Name: Unpolished Grit
[Hook 2x]
Night time cruising, staring up at the stars
Shawl collar sweater, looking comfortable, pa
Thug with Imams, H said come to the mosque
He praying 5 times a day while he summon Allah

[Verse 1]
Yo, natural selection; my rapping is perfection
High true IQ, class is up in session
Follow your own route, don't ask me for directions
Heavyweight, message straight, I'm Cassius when I'm flexing
Gold illumination; my aura strong, treasured
Literary journals, time capsules with Audubon lectures
Fresh mint and baking soda; brush royal
Skin glisten with coconut oil; papaya soap and I'm spoiled
Roam with the loyal; my conglomerate stands tall
Anonymous hands call when pockets got bands drawn
Synonymous man bond; a-alikes lamping with visions
We vandals with riches
Clandestine meeting sampling the mission
Channel the wisdom; mystery school knowledge and hieroglyphs
Wilding in viral clips; my style is a idol gift
Unpolished from vile grit

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 2]
Ugh, 1AM shadow stroll ride I'm driving it
On the road, mind is knowledging; soul climb from bottom pits
Cold crimes anonymous; so grime, unpolished grit
Peace to Code Nine, we got it, kid
My whole prime astonishing; hold nines and shotty kicks
Po-nine is robbing kids, showtime pyschoticness
Opined, my tone drives a whole guise of violent fist
Gold mines of wrote rhymes on stones, vines, and monuments
My ambiance is radiant
Genuine, my pen will scribe a common twist of flavorness
Honor this and savor it; bombs equipped since Raider clicks
Psalms I script with sharpened gifts harbor wits as razors hit
Form to script the greatest discs, The GodBrother Blessings
Literature advanced; pen rhymes with hard cover lessons
My style is idol gift
Unpolished from vile grit

[Hook 2x]
Track Name: Still Kings II
Jewel or pack? Who the Mack?
Kings turn knuckleheads, moving back
Sometimes this life force your hand into foolish acts
Reciprocal law, view the past from a tomb of black
We still motherfucking kings
We still motherfucking kings
We still motherfucking kings
We still motherfucking kings

Countless wishes, no malnutrition or foul decisions
Counting digits around the fences with mountain pictures
Styling visions; my cloud has risen to outer limits
Knowledge gifted; I shifted prisms and found my Mrs.
I'm looking good, stylish
Nautica down, I stood silent
She said she's not impressed with what I wear
So I dropped some jewels on her and watched the love appear
Regeneration; stone temple pilots
What? Dealing with my own mental violence
Let the chrome set and dial it
Nah, got to keep my sons mind grown, fresh with knowledge
Ralph lenses; food for thought well cleansing
Chakras open up, my wealth's splendid
Quell senseless, oil well henchmen with the mini compact
Kundalini intact
7 seals open when aligned; the Scity is back
This is me; that's where The Meridian clashed
Ugh...the pale horse beheld
Escaped death by great depths; unveiled thoughts of hell
No heaven to believe in when the presence of the demons
Keeps on threatening our semen with the spreading of diseases
The peasants that are sheepish pray to the legend of this Jesus
Credulous, facetious; that's a weapon of depletion